It's Time To Bloom & Celebrate Life Retreat

Yoga and Healing for Women's Flourishing

Casa Om Potomac, WV

April 22-24, 2022


When women uplift each other

magic happens!


Connection to the feminine divine through yoga & healing

3 days, 2 nights including: accommodation, meals, bedding and towels.

Please arrange for individual transportation

Additional offers: Massage, ice baths, cave meditation.


Mariana - yoga

Dani - sacred dance to heal & sound bath

Wendy – women’s circle & shamanic healing

Women who desire connection, healing and celebration.


April 22-24, 2022

Arrival at 3pm Friday

Departure at noon Sunday


Casa Om Potomac, Martinsburg, WV


To connect with the divine feminine and find balance with the divine masculine

We want conscious connections with our spirit and physical health

Portable personal self-care practices (energetic baths, soothing self-abdominal massage, personalized yoga flows for your daily routine)


Book your place with a $400 non-refundable deposit & fulfill payment by March 15th

If paid in full get 10% discount for early bird reservation by March 15th

Pay via Venmo @Mariana-Azaola Or Zelle (

Confirm via email to if you would like to share a room with someone or prefer single occupancy for extra $100. And if you would like to book a massage, ice bath or cave meditation at extra cost

We will provide a complimentary pre-retreat readiness session via zoom

Join us!


Friday April 22nd

3pm Arrival

5pm Opening Ceremony - connecting with each other

6pm Sunset Yoga - connecting within

7pm Dinner - nourish you

Saturday April 23rd

7:30am Morning snacks - nourish you

8am Meditation & Slow Flow Yoga - It's time to bloom

9:30am Grounding hike - feeling nature

12pm Brunch - nourish you

2pm Sacred Mayan abdominal self massage - inner wisdom

3pm Snack

3:30pm Connection to the Divine Ancestral Wisdoms

5pm Connect and relax your way

7pm Dinner - nourish you

8pm Sacred Dance - embracing the feminine

8:30pm Fire Ceremony

Sunday April 24th

8am Morning snacks - nourish you

8:30am Meditation & Slow Flow Yoga - celebrating life

10am Closing Ceremony

11am Brunch - nourish you & closing time

12pm Departure hugs at noon

Note: This is a tentative program and might change a bit, hint: we love surprises!

Meet Your Guides

Mariana Azaola

I am a family woman, a yogi, a girl guide by heart who feels deeply connected to her Mexican healing roots. Currently, I am on my fertility journey, embracing my divine feminine and dreaming of becoming a mama surrounded by community.

Since I remember, I have been passionate about holistic wellness, human flourishing and meaningful connections. And I absolutely love helping others by creating sustainable healthy habits and finding what feels good.

I went deeper into yoga, meditation and positive psychology to restore, restart fresh and more confident after divorce. I've realized that I was prioritizing my thoughts and mind over the rest of who I was. I felt the need to be more in my heart and embracing my feminine side.

Fascinated by the powerful mix of ancient and modern wisdoms for healing, I can see how most ancient medicines recognize the many layers that give form to who we are. To me, the wisdom of the body is key for healing the physical, the spirit and beyond.

I will be your guide for multilevel slow flow yoga sessions. My invitation is to embody or make visible all of who we are through movement, breath & touch, to connect, flourish & celebrate life!

Dani Mansfield

As a mother, shamanic healer, artist, bodyworker, and spiritual life coach, I find great joy in empowering others along the path of self-realization and transformation.

I was awakened to the potency of the ancient healing arts and a holistic approach to health at a very early age in my life.

I grew up sailing the world. I have a perspective that’s not limited to one particular cultural experience – I have seen things and experienced many lessons that have changed my worldly views and I am able to recognize pain and trauma and differentiate between what’s deep underlying pain and what’s cultural and social pain.

I’ve had the opportunity to travel and explore some of the more remote places around the world and these experiences have given me an in-depth appreciation for the many different cultures, beliefs, and values that make this world such a beautiful place.

It allows me a greater understanding that sometimes we need to connect more to nature, to have respect for all forms of life, and to celebrate and protect the diversity and beauty of our home, ‘planet earth’.

I have been fortunate to study with many gifted intuitive healers, shamans, and mentors which have to lead me to own my own power as a shamanic healer and conduit for the light spirits, dedicating my life and purpose to help this planet and humanity in all that I do.

Wendy Hernandez

The Buddha is quoted as saying “Life is suffering”. This quote was introduced to me at age 25, shortly after both of my parents transitioned from this plane of existence to the next through death.

The level of suffering that event allowed me to experience is the type of suffering that could either make or break an individual. It’s the type of suffering that taught me to grow through the pain and onto the medicine path I am currently on.

In an effort to continue connecting with my parents, my roots, I began to learn more about my ancestors and their connection to “Great Spirit”, the universe or the creative force in life.

I have been extremely blessed to learn from many great teachers including my current teacher who is a respected member of the Lakota tradition and follower of “The Red Road” or the heart path.

I am honored to have a direct connection to “Great Spirit” that is amplified by my deep respect for mother earth and all the elements.

I am currently deepening and expanding my connection to plant medicines by learning directly from the indigenous Grandfathers and Grandmothers that serve them in North, Central and South America.

Casa Om Potomac

Casa Om Potomac is only 90 minute by car from Washington DC at:

681 Carlyle Rd, Martinsburg, WV 25404

Learn more about Casa Om Potomac COVID Wellness Procedures

Book your place!

Rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Choose yours!

Room #1 Features two Twin beds with an en suite bathroom.

Room #2 Features two Twin beds with an en suite bathroom.

Room #3 Features a King bed with a matching couch that can be a second bed. This room has en suite bath and a lovely view of the Potomac River

Room #4 Features a Queen bed with an en suite bath, and a view of the courtyard and forest.

Room #5 Features a King bed with a couch that can also be a second bed. The bathroom is en suite and has the best view of the river.

Room #6 Features a Queen bed with en suite bath and a courtyard view.

Room #7 Features a King bed and en suite bath.

Room #8 Features a King bed a private balcony and a couch that can be used as a bed. The bathroom is en suite and there is an additional private bathroom adjacent. This room is spacious with the option to sleep up to 4.

Room #9 Features two Twin beds and an en suite bath.

Room #10 Features two Twin beds and an en suite bath.

$699 shared occupancy

$799 single occupancy


Limited to 22 participants

50% of payment is non-refundable


Optional massage or ice baths at extra cost, reservation is required.

Pay by

Venmo @Mariana-Azaola

Zelle (

Do you feel the call? Any questions?

Contact Mariana Azaola at

+1 202 431 6739

We look forward to celebrate life with you!

USA, Bethesda, Maryland